Réunion is like a chunk of France teleported to the tropics, with astounding geographical diversity.  But beyond the Gallic flair, there is also a blend of Indian, African and Chinese influences. Within an hour or two, the landscape morphs from lava fields to lush primary forest, from jagged peaks to sprawling coastal cities.


Reunions most popular attractions include

Le Piton de la Fournaise: This 530,000 years old volcano is one of the world's most active and productive volcanoes. An eruption of the volcano occurs almost every year at Piton de la Fournaise Volcano. Volcanic activity consists of lava emission and small explosions, ash fall is rarely produced. Active areas of the volcano are not inhabited; its eruptions pose little danger and cause little damage.

Le Cinquième Élément: La Réunion blends the seduction of tropical seas and the majestic splendour of wild mountains. Le Cinquième Élément offers everyone the chance to discover this natural heritage. From the West to the East of the island, the contours, the diversity of the wildlife, the coral, all these assets help you to discover and explore with unending pleasure of the ocean floor around Réunion. Depending on individual ability and weather conditions, you can go on an exploration of the most beautiful dive sites such as Saint-Gilles, Saint-Leu, Saint-Pierre, and Sainte-Rose.

Air Lagon Parapente: Air Lagon pioneered hang-gliding in La Réunion started in 1984. The company offers unique sessions (private take-off from an altitude of 1 600 m) as well as training sessions at all levels across the sites on the island, in particular Le Maïdo. Air Lagon offers flights over the interior of the island: Dos d'Âne, Le Dimitile, Le Maïdo.

St-Leu: St-Leu has transformed itself into a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. You’ll be tempted to join the paragliders who wheel down from the Hauts to the lagoon. Scuba divers also say the drop-offs here are the best on the island. On the cultural side, St-Leu has beautiful stone buildings dating from the French colonial era, such as the town hall and the church opposite.


Travel Advice: 

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