When you think of Kenya and Tanzania, you immediately think of “The Greatest Show on Earth” – The Great Migration. The Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya and the adjoining Serengeti National Park in Tanzania offer excellent year-round game viewing. But it is the massive migration of animals to Kenya which takes place annually between July and September, and the return at the end of each year, which is visually spectacular and a truly magnificent experience. These treeless plains support millions of hoofed animals, with the carnivores always in attendance. Wildebeest, gazelle, zebra and antelope live together with lion, leopard, cheetah and hyenas. Apart from the danger of carnivores, the antelope and other animals face the additional danger of crocodiles as they cross the Mara River. The dust cloud formed by up to 50 km’s of moving animals can even obscure the sun. 4x4 vehicles are used in the reserve, and for the truly adventurous a hot-air balloon trip is the perfect way to enjoy this spectacle, drifting silently over the early morning activity on the plains below.

Kenya itself offers legendary tourist attractions from excellent scuba diving along the coast, to vast plains, massive mountains, stunning lakes, dense forests and the icy heights of Mount Kenya. The wildlife is incredible – the wildebeest and zebra migration from the Serengeti to the Masai Mara cannot be equalled anywhere else in the world. The rivers, lakes and forests of the Great Rift Valley contrast dramatically with the desert regions in the north of the country. The icy slopes and mist shrouded peaks of Mount Kenya, the mountains and forests of the Aberdere National Park, the grasslands and lush vegetation of the Tsavo National Park, and the different ecosystems in the Meru National Park, cannot be compared with anything else in Africa, let alone other regions in the world.

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Masai Mara - 8 Day

Masai Mara and Gorillas - 9 Day


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Kenyan Coast

The best start or finish of a Kenya Safari is a few days of rest and relaxation at a luxury resort on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Choose from a selection of luxury beach resorts North and South of Mombasa, an easy one hour flight from Nairobi. In the North you will find Malindi and in the south Diani Beach. Both are great resort towns with loads of attractions and sea and land based activities on offer. Lamu Island north of Malindi is a small island with a wonderful mix of African and Arab culture, Lamu lies off the northern coast of Kenya. The island maintains an air of ancient mystique where the pace of life is slow and the only modes of transport are by dhow, donkey or on foot.


Lamu Island

Life moves at a pace of a donkey or a dhow. Spices and the smell of grilled musk scent the air around the markets, museums, fort and ancient house. The winding streets of the towns are best explored on foot or by donkey, as you shop for local woodcarvings, kikoys and fabrics. Or you can sit at an open-air restaurant, feel the breeze by the water and watch the world go by as an incredibly fulfilling past-time. Lamu Island seems to take place once upon a time, rather than in actual times. Lamu Town is part of the Indian Ocean's Lamu Archipelago. The interior of Lamu is a bushy, untamed habitat, which spills over onto sublime sugar beaches. Visiting Lamu is a novel experience, striking and unusual, rich and unforgettable. Visiting Lamu is a combination of lazy beach bliss and living off the fruits of the ocean. The island has an indescribable appeal, filled with secrets you feel the first to discover.