Animal Kingdom Board Game

The Wildlife Board Game for Young and Old!

Animal Kingdom, African Edition, has all the elements to make it a fun and educational wildlife board game for any generation. Learning about wildlife has never been this fun!

Players arrive at the port of Africa in anticipation of the adventure that lies ahead. With a throw of the die, their journey begins. Players learn exciting facts about African Wildlife, learn to identify tracks and above all, players can become owners of their own award winning game farm represented by the currency they gain throughout the game.

But be careful! The road ahead can get bumpy. Players can lose turns, lose currency and get stuck on the treacherous off-roads! Even your wildlife are in danger if a player picks up a "Nature's Way" penalty card.

But show your resilience and outplay the rest by gaining knowledge about the bush and taking calculated risks. Only the strongest will survive!

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Good luck and enjoy!