Africa’s Ultimate Safaris Coffee Table Book


...A visual feast of

Africa’s top safari destinations


After 20 years of traveling the African continent on filming and guiding expeditions, and having gained a wealth of knowledge and experience – Ian Thompson and Shirli Carswell, partners in the Wildside Safari Company, have compiled a unique coffee table book entitled “Africa’s Ultimate Safaris” which represents some of the best Safaris Africa has to offer - or their “Bucket list of Safaris” in Africa.  

This is a photographic summary of the ideal ways in which to experience a Safari in Africa, showcasing some of the most beautiful and wildest destinations. Each of the 10 chapters features a pictorial and scripted experience dedicated to one of Africa’s Ultimate Safaris, from the Migration in the Serengeti to  South Luangwa in Zambia. Each chapter includes a beautifully illustrated map of the area. 

However, one of Africa’s greatest assets is under threat – it’s Wildlife – a key source of tourism. Tourism in turn creates jobs for local African people, and provides a reason for them to protect and conserve its natural resources. Ian and Shirli’s philosophy therefore, is to encourage tourism to Africa through projects like this, sale of their book, and via their “Spread the Word“ Campaign, and to contribute towards the efforts of EWT ( Endangered Wildlife Trust ).

A fantastic book for collectors, intrepid travellers, and a beautiful gift for any occasion.

Africa has so much to offer . . . its easy to become addicted.



This 192 page high quality Coffee Table Book will be retailed from August 2014 at $65 or R650 ex vat per copy. To order your copy send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   


  • A 192 page high quality coffee table book representing the “bucket list” of safaris in Africa.
  • A photographic and scripted summary of the best times and ways to experience Africa’s top safari destinations with 80% photography visuals and 20% scripted text &illustrated maps covering each area.
  • Includes a donation to EWT (Endangered Wildlife Trust), and is a key element of the ‘Spread the Word’ campaign summarized below.


CHAPTER 1 -         The Wildebeest Migration & Calving in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater - Tanzania

CHAPTER 2 -         The Migration and Crossing in the Masai Mara - Kenya and Gorilla Trekking - Rwanda

CHAPTER 3 -         South Luangwa National Park - Zambia

CHAPTER 4 -         Okavango Fly in Safari - Botswana

CHAPTER 5 -         Kruger from top to bottom – South Africa

CHAPTER 6 -         Upper Zambezi - Chobe and Vic Falls

CHAPTER 7-          A Desert Adventure - Namibia.

CHAPTER 8 -         The Zambezi Valley - Kariba and Mana Pools – Zimbabwe.

CHAPTER 9 -         Over-landing in Botswana

CHAPTER 10 -       The Cape Experience - South Africa.


  • Africa’s Wildlife is under threat from loss of habitat, poaching and human greed/ignorance.
  • Tourism is the key to creating jobs in Africa and motivating conservation.
  • The Publishers and the Wildside Safari Company are promoting the balance between
    human progress and wildlife conservation.
  • Responsible and Sustainable Tourism are the result of good balance.
  • The Spread the Word Campaign motivates visitors to Africa to share their

experience’s and create awareness of the conservation challenge ahead.

  • This book and the Campaign in other mediums will help to change attitudes and

support conservation organizations like EWT

  • By buying “Africa’s Ultimate Safaris” you become an “Ambassador for Africa” and receive all the relevant Spread the Word and Ani-mail material.

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